Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Falling in love - Love Poem

I'm thinking about you,

a little more each day.

Holding on a little tighter,

to all the words you say.

Every day I miss you,

more than the day before.

Our time together I love;

and I'm wanting even more.

I used to dream of you,

as I lay in bed each night.

Now you are my dreams,

even through the daylight.

I felt a flutter in my heart,

whenever I saw you online.

Today my heart is glowing;

filled with a brilliant shine.

I was shy to tell everything,

which I was feeling inside.

Now I feel so free to share,

with nothing I want to hide.

I thought you were special,

from the moment we met.

And each day a little further,

into my heart you would get.

I could always feel a bond,

everytime our hearts shared.

When our souls bonded also,

I realized how much I cared.

I find my heart needing yours;

cherishing all that you do.

Now, I'm not scared to admit,

I am falling in love with ???

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